Wide Mouth Slow Juicer

  • HEALTHIER: Get more juice from the slower, masticating juicer that retains all the nutrients, vitamins and enzymes from your fruit and vegetables.

  • EASY TO USE: Reduce your preparation time by rolling entire apples into the wide mouth feed chute.

  • CONVENIENCE: The juicer is engineered with detachable and dishwasher-safe parts, and its compact design is a stylish addition to any kitchen.

  • SEPARATE JUICE FROM PULP: You can keep your juices pulp-free and your nut butter smooth, with the pulp and other detritus kept separate from what you want to make.

  • WARRANTY: Our 2 Year Replacement or Repayment Warranty for defective products is proof that we stand behind our products. Contact Customer Service 24 hours a day, and we can assist you.

  • The link is about how to install this juicer: https://youtu.be/9yX66snlF0g

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  • Model Number: SD60K
  • Color : Black
  • Item Dimensions: 37.2 x 33.6 x 30.4 cm
  • Item Weight: 6Kg
  • Power Wattage(Europe): 150W
  • Model Number: SD60K