100W Juicer

  • Electric juice juicer with 100W of power to quickly squeeze different citrus fruits in minutes to enjoy fresh and homemade juices. Surprise your family with a nutritious breakfast.

  • Two removable and interchangeable cones for various types of citrus, will allow you to adapt to the sizes of the fruit without problems to take advantage of more vitamins and juice obtained in each use

  • It has a stainless steel colander and a juice container to prevent spills. It can serve once you have all the juice thanks to its mouthpiece with closing and opening system.

  • Compact juicer with dust cover, which will allow you to store it easily and without worries about dust. All its parts are removable which will make cleaning easier, comfortable and fast.

  • Our products have a 2 year warranty and the best customer service available 24/7 ready and trained to answer any question and help you solve any problem.

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  • Model Number: 659514302485
  • Material Type: Stainless steel
  • Color : Silver
  • Item Weight: 2.04
  • Power Wattage(Europe): 100 W